17.8m 720 LED Premier Outdoor LED Icicle Christmas TIMER Lights Cool White PROHSBLGA

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  • Genuine Top Quality Premier Decorations Icicle Lights with Built in Timer Function
  • Built in 8 hour timer - turn the lights on once and they will come on at the same time each day and stay on for 8 hours. Alternatively, deactivate the timer and they will stay on like a regular set of lights.
  • Multi function control box to change the speed of flashing - can also be set to a static on (no flashing) mode
  • Memory Function: Set your preferred pattern once and the lights will come back on with the same pattern when you switch them on the next night
  • Supplied with standard UK 3 pin plug & 10 meters of cable from transformer to first drop of icicles. Uses energy efficient, long lasting, super bright LEDs
  • Icicle drops are varying heights from approximately 20cm to 80cm
How to measure which size you need: The measurements given in the titles of our listings are for the total span of the icicles, so measure the length of the area you need to cover, for instance the front of your house. Then find the best fit from the sizes available. ie if your house is 8.5m wide from side to side, go for the 360 LED option which covers 8.8m. It may be that the best fit includes two sets, a 4.4m and a 5.8m would cover 10.2m etc
  • 720 LEDs will cover 17.8m from the first drop of icicles to the last drop with a 10m lead wire from the plug to the first drop of icicles
  • Available Colours:
    • Warm White: This is the traditional yellow-ish glowing lights, that give a nice warm feeling
    • Cool White: This is also known as cold white, ice white and bright white, and is a very crisp white
    • Blue & White: Both blue and white LEDs mixed on one set
    Still stuck Give our Christmas Lights Expert a ring and we'll be happy to help!

    17.8m 720 LED Premier Outdoor LED Icicle Christmas TIMER Lights Cool White PROHSBLGA

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