LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Alarm Clock,Wireless Multi-function Weather Monitoring NUNRLFDYJ

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Intelligent monitoring ---- Multi-function thermometer is highly sensitive to temperature and humidity, accurate monitoring of temperature and humidity throughout the day, temperature accuracy of ± 2 °F / ± 1 °C, humidity accuracy of ± 5%, Can be used in the living room, office and baby room to care for the health of you and your family and make your life more comfortable.Multi-function clock ---- In order to increase the utility of the thermometer, we design the digital room thermometer as a clock, which can also be used as a clock while intelligently monitoring the temperature and humidity. The 12/24H mode can be switched freely. With the function of an alarm clock, in order to facilitate you to know the time, we will clearly display the time on the screen. The screen has a moderate size and is more convenient to use.Unique design ---- We use a unique color icon area to display the humidity, use different colors to divide the range of dryness, comfort and moisture, let you know the humidity at the time and take care of your health.Intelligent operation-----We set three touch buttons "MODE", "UP" and "DOWN" on the touch screen of the multi-function thermometer. Through these buttons, you can freely adjust the settings, and the product consists of 2 sections AAA battery power, can replace battery power.Compact and simple----The thermometer is made of ABS material, durable and resistant to fall, and is designed to be rounded square, safe and reliable. Not only is there two magnetic backings installed on the back, but also the bracket is installed and can be placed directly on the table. It can be hung on the wall and adsorbed on furniture or refrigerators. We provide our products with a two-year warranty and you are worth buying.

Product description:

Household essential for comfort. It can provide the most accurate measurement for both indoor humidity and indoor temperature, reminding us to make prompt adjustment to our room and warehouse in order to maintain a good state, and to prevent bacteria, mites and mold growth.

Product Features Introduction:

Measuring temperature range:32 to 122°F(0°C-50°C)

Measuring humidity range:20%Rh-95%Rh

Temp Accuracy: ± 2°F/± 1°C

Humidity accuracy:±5%

Shelf life: 3 years

Usage time: 24 hours a day, timely replacement of AAA batteries to ensure continued use of the product


Please take out the battery and put it properly when not in use.

Humidity Level Indicator:

Check indoor comfort and humidity conditions at a glance with the humidity level icon.

Red Color Zone: Very Dry Weather(<40%)
Yellow Color Zone: Dry Weather (20-22℃ or 26-28℃. 40-54%)
Green Color Zone: Comfort Weather (22.1-28℃, 40-74%)
Light Blue Color Zone: Slightly Wet Weather (20-22℃ or 26-28℃. 66-74%)
Dark Blue Color Zone: Wet Weather(>75%)
No Indicator: (<20℃ or >28℃. 40-74%)


Dimensions: 8.5cm*8.5cm (3.7x3.7 inch)


Power: 2 X AAA battery

Cover Material:ABS plastic

Way to Operate:

" MODE "--Time/Alarm Clock Switch 12Hr/24 Hr. Time/Alarm Clock Time Setting ℃/°F

" UP "--MAX/MIN temperature and humidity

" DOWN "--Alarm Clock Setting

LCD Digital Thermometer Hygrometer Alarm Clock,Wireless Multi-function Weather Monitoring NUNRLFDYJ

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